HONDA    zook            
When I was warking around residential area I found it.I was attracted by it. When Manager of residential area threw away rubbish bikes I got it.Fast I Tried to remake form but HONDA made simlar style new bikes ‚`‚e‚T‚X then I lost goal. I stoped remake so I've not done..

YAMAHA   jog|ZR90‰ό
I've bought it from my friend then it was after a incident Then a engine was 50cc.I sold it another friend that was fine condition. Unfotunately it was stolen soon.When I get the bike that was popular bike I don't Know now.I could sale over 200.000enOOIt's good condition but need setting.I haven't looed after long times..

I bought it from 100.000en.I was going to sale soon at the time.I wasn't tempt to sale becouse I looked after it so long. It's influence on friends to get a bike licence I think..I sale it for very cheap with full MOT when I go to the UK for learning English .